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Wendy Rhodes

Wendy Rhodes is an award-winning author from Los Angeles (via Michigan, Ohio, and South Carolina). She is a lover of animals, 70’s music, California wine country, Caribbean beaches, Colorado Mountains, and all things vegan. She is a gourmet baker (kind of true), a tree-hugging hippie (very true), and an over-achieving perfectionist (too true). She has seen a green flash, kissed a live shark, and stood atop an active volcano. Having traveled to upwards of twenty-five countries, she currently enjoys life in the Florida sunshine (shade) with her husband (boyfriend) and two children (cats).

“The Heart Will Go On” was a finalist in a large, international writing competion. I think that many women can envision themselves sweating on a wooden chair next to Shelly!

She hates Celine Dion.  Celine is too skinny, and is she kidding with those arm dances?  Even so, Shelly could not say no when the perky drugstore clerk spritzed her with Celine’s newest fragrance and told her that it would “entice any man.”  She was too smart to […]